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First things first… I did some meditation when I was traveling but not as much as I have been doing when I am here.  My schedule was quite busy and I didn’t feel the need to do so.     The China part of the trip was more of a vacation.  Last week at this time I was participating in a weekend long wedding.  It was such amazing experience and I was so honored to be a part of it.

Please check out the following link.  You may need to download Flash for certain browsers but I believe you will be able to view it on your phone.  I am in the video a few times.  There are more highlights after 2 minutes.

Wedding Ceremony Highlights

I was the best man and got the chance to say a speech as well participate in other activities.  I really enjoyed myself despite not being able to understand everything that was said.   My intention for the weekend was to connect with the experience and with the people who attended.  There were 500 people so I  was fortunate to connect with some friends and family of the bride and groom.  More importantly  I did my best to help make the day extra special for the bride and groom.

One of my favorite parts was when the groom and the groomsmen went to the brides home to convince the bridesmaids that the groom is ready to marry the bride.  The bridesmaids had us play various games.

Bridal Party Games

I tried to upload the longer video but there are limits on the size of the video.

I also had the chance to bond with many family members even if we did not understand each others languages.  We did do a lot of drinking toasts between us.  The funniest time was when the bridal families went around the room to make toasts with the other guests. which basically left me with a few other family members.  There was this uncle who wanted to talk to me and I wanted to chat with him; however we did not speak each others languages.  So.. we just continued to make toasts to each other.






Oh yeah!  Notice the change in pants.  I had a wardrobe malfunction.  As I was searching for the brides shoes as one of the games, I dove to the floor showing my enthusiasm and I then heard a rip as my pants tore.  Chinese sizes are a bit different… Anyway it all worked out but it was a bit embarrassing. Fortunately no one really noticed when it happened.

My time in China made me  reflect about my initial years that I lived in Japan to study the language.  During this time I chose to immerse myself and made every effort to study and speak Japanese.  What motivated me study was the chance to interact with different people.    Fast forward to 2017 and things have become a tad bit easier in communicating  as a result of programs like Google Translate.

Honestly I wanted to stay longer and just study Chinese and interact with different people.  The connections with different people is what makes it all worthwhile.

Meditation was helpful today as I woke up early due to jet lag.  I listened to a mediation segment and it helped to relax and rest instead of waking up.  The mediation helped me to stop worrying about things that I needed to get done and  to just “be”.

On the reading, I finished a book about Jeff Bezos and Amazon and now re-listening to chapters from The Millionaire Fastlane.  There were a few chapters that were a bit more detailed focused and wanted to understand more. These chapters were more text book like.





One thought on “Connecting

  1. Scott, sounds like an amazing time.
    What’s Inget from this and from your love happy birthday photo messages with randoms on the street is how strongly making connections is one of your core values.
    I wonder how you might use that to power your shift at times when you get backed up. Do things happen? Yes! But what if you connect with the other people around you – how might that support you?


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