Standing for others

The last few days (and for the next week or so) I had the amazing opportunity once again to walk into the training room and stand for others to examine themselves, look deeply, generate awareness of themselves, their viewpoints/windshield of life & to lower the water on their mind’s iceberg (choose any jargon you prefer or are familiar with).

I’ve found that there is an enormous influence on the staffing team based on the trainer, the trainer’s ‘come from’ as well as level of experience. This was not a hiccup-free 5 days, and yet there was practically no drama. Breakdowns were handled quickly & efficiently, and without an impact on the students, allowing them to have a seamless classroom experience. Multiple times I found myself grateful for that attitude and presence as it made me far more likely to wish to staff again in the future.

June is an incredibly busy month at work – we’re in our last month of our fiscal year end, and we’re still generating tons of new dollars to our 2017 annual campaign. I looked at my work calendar this afternoon, and the only 2 weeknights that I would have had free without a work event for the 2.5 weeks are also filled – one with Thursday evening’s guest event, and one for a friend’s 30th birthday party (yay, non-work events!).

One of the side impacts – aside from how tiring this relentless pace of work feels – is that I can’t staff the Advanced with them. This was my 3rd Basic and I’ve staffed a teen training, and so I feel fairly comfortable in the room – I know what processes and experiences the training offers, I’ve seen a variety of reactions, and from the staff’s perspective it’s a fairly mechanical process.

Advanced, on the other hand, still gives me goosebumps. I’ve only staffed it once, and that’s nearly 2 years ago. I get nervous AND excited thinking about it, and I feel like it challenges my self-trust…what should I say, how should I react, etc. Interestingly enough, my reasoning goes both ways:

  1. The very concept that there’s ONE THING that I’m supposed to say is a little preposterous. People’s reactions and experiences relate to a variety of exercises and to their willingness to examine themselves and open up to feedback and new possibilities. And yet..
  2. I remember feedback I received in Advanced 3+ years ago, so there’s a good reason to believe that how I interact with people will be remembered by them for a long time. Ergo, I ‘better get it right!’

Anyway, my LP buddy (and Kyla’s Advanced buddy) asked me tonight what I got out of training for me – what breakthroughs for myself. In the training there was a big push toward developing & clarifying a new vision for June 2018 – what major goals do I wish to set for a year from now. With that, I can attach my word, my commitment, beliefs & intention, and craft the specific actions I need to take to make it a reality.

I’m excited to say that I’m on the quest for my June 2018 vision, and while I cannot announce it tonight, I will be giving myself 1 month to early July to define & refine that vision so that it calls me forward in this big way.

That’s my big goal 2 update.

Goal 1 – not much happened this week given the training, however I did walk 3+ miles at a brisk pace 2x over Shabbat to get there & back…unsurprisingly, my legs hurt in a different way afterward. I’m going to give myself a couple days to recover, and plan for a late Wed night run (once it cools off) to get back on track.

Love you all, and looking forward to catching up on life.



3 thoughts on “Standing for others

  1. I experience a different energy in this post and can imagine that your experience staffing the basic has positively influenced you too. Thanks for bringing your staffing experiences back to the team….I have found myself thinking about staffing again as a result of your post, so thanks for being that example.


  2. I admire you for despite having a busy schedule to jump back in and staff. It reminds me that being in service has so many benefits. I can imagine the desire to staff Advanced.. I am happy to hear about your Vision June 2018. Are there any steps, exercises that you will do to help you bring this to paper and making this clear?


  3. I admire your dedication and service to others. I’m looking forward to hearing about your vision in July.


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