The week did not go exactly as planned as I missed the moon photography workshop. The location changed last minute and I did not reach out to the instructor prior to reconfirm before I went to the original meeting spot. The photographer does not have a formal school like the Art of Intutive Photography does and I assumed incorrectly that if she said she would be in one location, it would not change. Going forward next time she has a class I will be sure to reconfirm with her before I head out to meet her.

Since I was already in Liberty State park, I decided to stay and make the most of it. I googled suggestions on how to photograph the moon and tried a couple different settings. For the moon shots I had to work quickly to make sure it was in focus, but I was able to play with a few other settings like bracketing. That is when you take a series of 3-5 photographs of the same subject at different exposures, then combine them together in light room. This fit in with one of my photography challenges to take shots of the same subject at different angles and exposures. I learned how to combine and edit these in lightroom.




For my second goal, I meditated several time, using the Insight Timer app and went to be early to kick out the remaining part of my cold. Another thing I did was to print some of my photographs and hang them in my apartment. Its been a long time dream to have my own work in my space. I know in the future when I have a house, I will have a gallery wall of my own photographs and this is just the beginning.


For the last week in the cycle, I’m going to be out of the country for work. We are launching service with a new vendor and the location is in rural Bulgaria, a 3 hour drive from the capital Sofia, I’m leaving on Saturday and will not be returned until the 25th. I’m looking forward going over and having a new place to shoot.


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  1. These are beautiful. I absolutely love the photos. The colors are so rich, it’s intoxicating.

    As for the trip, what an opportunity! I would love to hear about your experience. Good luck, and enjoy!


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