PSP Life Style

Good afternoon everyone,

I trust everyone is having a wonderful week.  I have been busy and very excited with everything I am doing in real estate.  I want to share with everyone the importance of vision and commitment.  Last weekend, I was part of service team for ALP 18 and was able to share the weekend with my sister.  She took on the work and ran with it and was took home torch bearer for the team. I am extremely proud of her and the growth she has experienced from being part of the work.  My vision when I did my basic in 2009 was to be able to enroll my sister, and I went for it and failed to enroll her 8 years.  As I stood up to acknowledge her journey, I was present to her achievement but also present to my own growth and my breakthroughs in the past 8 years.  I was there standing in front of her, she was the result of my committed to for to her have a third weekend.  All the calls, all my breakdowns, all my heart breaks, all the criticism that I received.  All the times I wanted to quit and yet found a new way of being and going back in and having the conversation.  Until one day she was ready to step in.   I was present to that journey and I was proud of all the failed attempts.  They all gave me tools to understand myself and grow.  All these tools have poured into all other areas of my life.  My relationship, my business, my connection with family and friends.  I have learned to understand myself better in order to bring the best of me to the table.  I am grateful because in all those areas I am seeing results.  So have a vision and go for it and be patient.  It may take 8 years or 20 years but the journey along the way and the growth make it all worth while.


Juan Lozano


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