Joy of Connection

Truth is, I was running late from 1 pm on yesterday. I was two minutes late to start a client webinar, and was casual when my colleague wanted to start the next meeting late. I was 15 minutes late to meet a friend who’s visiting from Israel, and then 4 minutes late submitting a proposal when I got back to the office. I was 25 min late in calling my former colleague who wanted job advice, and 10 minutes late meeting my friend for drinks. And, you know how the story ended – got home at 11:45 and hadn’t started blogging. And when the internet was out – I wasn’t up for scrambling to find another way to do it in time, and wanted to be able to really blog as I enjoy it and believe I contribute to the team.

I do believe I handled it responsibly and in integrity last night, but I could have been way more committed and way less casual all day long. I actually am concerned I’m picking up on the late/out of integrity culture at my office that I mentioned in an earlier post. The lateness with the work commitments I mentioned above stemmed from my boss’s extreme lateness – but I still could have managed it differently. If it is to be, it’s up to me!

So – my week, my goals. I had a LOT of joyful experiences this week as a result of lots of friend and community time. I love that this goal allowed me to reflect on why joy is important to me as I was going through the week! Over the weekend I went to a friends’ going away party in the park, combining great people and sunshine. We had another wedding on Sunday and experienced the joy of a friend we’ve known for a long time. Monday was the annual event for my old organization, and it was really fun to see former colleagues and friends and also – once again – to not be the one running the organization anymore. Seriously – that is unbridled joy (in addition to extreme relief).

Wednesday night may have taken the cake – we had a mini reunion with 4 of my very close friends from high school, with one visiting from Israel and one from Dallas. It’s been almost 20 years and it felt like NOTHING had changed. I love these ladies and don’t spend enough time feeling grateful for them and making a genuine place in my life for them. It was also gratifying and enlightening to see what unique joys and challenges they’re each encountering in their lives.

And yesterday, as I walked into work in the beautiful weather and realized it was Thursday night, I thought – what a great night for a margarita. I thought about my friend R who I’d love to meet up with, haven’t seen for a few months, but she is ALWAYS busy. Didn’t even reach out. And then – 2 pm – she texted to see if I wanted to meet for margaritas! She’s into ‘manifesting’ and she said I did just that 😉

I do love people and parties and getting together with friends. in the past I’ve focused on how it fulfills my extraverted self, and how I need downtime as well to feed my other introverted being. But it’s deeper than just fun and energy. It is really joyful to be in connection with people and in relationship with people – it’s what life is all about!

I was able to connect with a friend who is in the earlier phases of miscarriages/complications, and I’m the only one she knows who is experiencing something similar. As she said, it is heartbreaking, and I am so grateful that I have a community of support around it. Really happy to be able to support her in this way.

As for my patience/meditation, I found myself catching my impatient moments and working to shift. That’s an awesome start. I haven’t gotten into meditation and have largely not done it this last week. I did, however, start two mornings playing pick-me-up songs in bed before getting up and loved it! Maybe that’s a better ritual for me. I’m not attached to the mechanism I use for this goal, but I do like structure and routine, which is why i thought meditation/using an app would be easy. But it’s not all about easy! I’ve gotta find what’s right for me.

Off to a coffee meeting with a mentor (Hadar won me raffle tickets for it, and he’s joining!), some work to do, and then off to Scarsdale for a Bar Mitzvah. Even though sunshine will be limited this shabbat, I’m looking forward to being around the joy of the amazing bar mitzvah family.

Thanks for your support in helping me get my blog done today!


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