VT: Back in the game

Something has changed in me over the past couple of weeks, and I noticed myself building up to it- I am ready to date.

Like officially. Like got a mani pedi and a wax ready. Like 2 dates are scheduled for this week ready. Like slipped my card to a cute guy at Warby Parker ready.

Funny because this was my goal from last cycle, but I am beginning to realize that these cycles shed light on what’s next for me more and sets it in motion.

It’s all attitude. It really is.

As for what’s up for this cycle- still going strong with meditation. And I’ve decided that 60% of the remaining things in PSP are going to be tabled. I also realized that it’s distracting for me to have too many goals/desires to pursue at one time. I would rather get a handle on something that’s top level priority to me and add things when I feel like I can add more.

I’ve learned that I need visual tracking. This is what provides me with encouragement. Employing that one day at a time methodology. Baby steps if you will.

So yeah, that’s a bit of a ramble, but that’s what’s on my mind.

Love you all.



2 thoughts on “VT: Back in the game

  1. Ready to date? I didn’t even know you were single! Damn, I missed a lot. It’s so true, though; you start out with certain goals and then in the course of pursuing them sometimes the goal that’s “ripe” to go after emerges.


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