Greatest possibility

It’s so interesting to be in a space where I am standing for others’ greatest possibilities. Hearing what they’re saying and listening for what they are not saying, what I can deduce from their tones, their hesitations, stories, and more. I stand for them to have breakthroughs, for them to shift and see new possibilities, new relationships, new opportunities and more.

I recall frequent comments throughout my childhood probably into high school and beyond about my potential and whether -or more likely not- I was living up to that potential. In my current state I feel that question remains, although I prefer to hear it in our way of phrasing it: what is my greatest possibility? Now is the time for me to determine my greatest possibility and to pursue it with my entire being.

There are a few things that scare me about that: what if I’m wrong? What if I start to dedicate myself to something and I pursue it with gusto, vim, verve, all my energies…only to discover that I misplaced myself. The funny thing is that I rationally say “so what? I’ll no doubt have discovered something amazing on that journey and learned some wonderful things that will enrich my life.” Moreover, I was one of those people that laughed the other week at Donald Trump’s comment about not exercising to conserve his limited energy…that’s not how I view myself and my world – I have lots of energy to put into the initiatives I desire and there’s nothing to be scared of from pursuing what appears to be a legitimate and rewarding course of action. 

There’s a related fear of trusting myself to make the right decision – not a question of right/wrong, but of needing to rely on myself to make the call. 3+ years ago this was a big test for me and I fell into the trust, surrounded by a supporting team in LP. This time around I get to do that again, relying on the past results of what I’ve created my relationship with my own word and with Naomi’s support. 

There’s the fear of failure – which I discussed a few cycles ago when Brandy and I were buddies – and in which I notes that this fear is so insidious that it’s self-fulfilling: until I actually start something, I have automatically failed to launch a venture.

Which is why I texted a friend who has some great contacts in the tech space to set up a time to talk and get ideas of opportunities that I think would be a fit for me. Not to have her decide for me, as much as let me know what what openings or great companies she knows and would recommend. 

My greatest possibility? Not fully sure yet, but I’m working on it. 

Re: first goal – getting back on the horse. Eliane asked me a couple weeks ago when a holiday was coming up about what plan I had to manage my eating habits and exercise and any support I preferred. I foolishly replied that I was going to enjoy it and ride it out.

That set me back a while, plus a busy month at work, plus staffing = little exercise for 2+ weeks. Got back out there today and looking forward to meeting with my marathon trainer. 

Have a great week all!


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