New Beginnings

I have been doing a lot of research regarding nutrition and how much the body needs for fat loss, gaining weight, or to just maintain your weight. What inspired me to do this were all these diets; diets that I’ve done and diets that I haven’t done.  I have been doing this particular diet and found that I was hungry a lot and think it was due to the macro nutrients involved.

Macro nutrients are the combination of protein, fat and carbohydrates the body needs to produce the results you want.  Of course everyone’s macro nutrient is different, so I am thinking maybe through this diet I am not getting enough of nutrients and my body was letting me know.  It’s a theory that I am willing to put to the test. Also, maybe these cookie cutter diets are just bullshit because when you follow them you significantly reduce your caloric intake, you will lose weight and the when you stop doing the diet you will ultimately gain back your weight.

To make a long story short, I did my Macro nutrients and created my personalized meal plan as well as personalized cardio and weight training program. I found this amazing lecture about cardio and weight training from a doctor on You Tube. It was about Interval training, it was extremely informative and something that I had known about for a long time.

I will be starting my new program Monday, which I am very motivated to do because I created it. I guess there is another PSP cycle in the future for me. To date I have lost ten pounds and I don’t know how much body fat I’ve lost yet. I am excited to be on my own journey of health and fitness. This is something that I wanted to do for a long time.  This PSP journey has truly been a journey full of breakdowns followed by huge breakthroughs. Can’t wait to see my total body transformation looks like. I will mediate on my results tonight.


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