Step Left

It really comes down to fucking choice, all of it.   That and how important the goal in front of you really is to you, how much you in your heart of hearts want it.  …..and if you don’t know what that goal is, elicit some people to help you get clarity.  What DO YOU WANTTTTT????

There is real value in blogging, if you allow the process of blogging to take you to a place of greater clarity….and you don’t get too mired in the depths of analyzing yourself, in understanding yourself so that this understanding takes precedence over forward momentum.  Analysis and understanding is great but the sweet spot comes from what happens after the analysis and understanding….more analysis and understanding? …..or forward momentum with what you want to create in your life?  I am filled to the brim with something today……with…….owtfdwit…..with……the thought that time is passing……and the desire to make use of this time to make strides in creating what I want to create…..and in wanting the same for all of us in this regard.

It really is about choice……..”step left”……ok….now I am going left and that is really all there is to it.  If the desire to go left is stong enough, important enough, it really comes down to choosing to take our foot off the ground, to turn our body in the leftward direction and to then place our foot down on the surface in front of us.  If “going left” is important enough it is about choosing left, and choosing left again and if we happen to step back or right or fall flat on our face, to stand up and choose left again.  No beating ourselves up for falling, no feeling we are not good enough because we haven’t yet gotten there, no worrying about what someone else has to say about how long it has taken us to get left, no diverting ourselves with someone else’s stories……a continual refocus back on left……regardless of how often or challenging moving in the direction of left is.  In committing to continually focusing and refocusing on moving left over whatever else moves into our line of vision.  It all is a choice….whether we stand up and say “today I am motherfucking walking left, or running left…..or skipping or hopping left”…..instead of analyzing why we are the way we are, or how we got to where we currently are, or why we have made the choices we have up until this point.  Don’t get me wrong, there is value in these understandings…..and as of late I am so proud to see people blogging about these inner secrets they have been holding inside and being brave enough to share them aloud…..this is all awesome.  I just know that, for me, it is time to fucking step left and keep stepping left… put analysis, and the unearthing of myself on the backburner……to be moved to the front burner from time to time when that pot needs to be boiled…..but right now I want to CHOOSE LEFT!!, and choose left again….and continually refocus on moving left and not giving any power to the crap that happened to me this week, to the stuff that has stopped me.  I want to give power and energy and momentum to what is in front of me as I continue to move left.

Overall I feel that I have made decent progress on my goals, I have work to do on them for sure and I am committed to a strong finish because I am motherfucking worth it……as are all of you motherfucking worth it too.  So for whomever is still with me on this read, I invite you to make the simple choice to step left.


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