I forget when and where I read it, I think it was from a link in the WhatsApp chat, something about how people want discipline without the discipline. The thought struck me. I want certain daily rituals without actually doing them daily and it makes no sense, but is somehow true for me. It’s the final week of this cycle and we just got back from 10 days of travel/living in a hotel. We did walk a lot and swim in the hotel pool, but I always want more. I was thinking about being an overachiever and how it influences my life. There are great aspects of it and also ways in which I pay prices. For example- in my career overachieving is an asset- but in my home life it gets in my way. I want to exercise and catch up with a friend at the same time. I want to spend time with my family and work on my computer at the same time. When multi-tasking, I think I end up cutting corners with both things I am doing. I am not sure I am completely and authentically doing either task and when I talk to other moms about this, the response is “Welcome to being a mom.” I am not sure it has to be like that or look like that. I know I have room for improvement and fine-tuning. I am going to play with doing things with focused attention this week- instead of divided attention- and see what happens. I am also going to join a local gym tomorrow that has an indoor pool and plenty of workout equipment. No more cold/windy mornings preventing me from getting workouts in. Then I also have access to trainers. Weight Watchers didn’t end up being the right fit for me. Based on their points for how much I should be eating daily, I was not losing weight. I think I need to eat less than their point calculator recommends. My time and money will be better spent at the gym and joining a group that my doctor recommended.

To inspire my outsides matching my insides- upcoming plans for me include cleaning my office at work and my home- thinning and trimming my belongings and de-cluttering my space. I am ready for a fresh and tidy desk space to work on curriculum before school starts. I think that’s all for me for now, anything more would just be fluff.



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