Final stretch 

Posting from Veliko Tărnovo, Bulgaria. A small city 3.5 hours from the capital of Sofia. I arrived on Sunday and spent that night in Sofia. I dragged my colleague Chris who came in from London to go out and explore the city. Being an old eastern block country, there isn’t much to see except churches. We went into four different ones including their largest cathedral in the middle of the city. There I watched the orthodox priest singing his prayers while swinging a pot of incense, blessing the different pictures of saints and alters. Although my parents considered us Christian, we did not go to church as children. My parents thought we should choose our own spiritual path instead enforcing one on us. I find in fascinating to observe how people worship and how church makes them feel part of something bigger. Personally I connect more when I’m in nature. I snapped some great photos of the priest, which I will process when I return home.
When we returned back to the hotel Chris thanked me for making him go out. In the past he said he would have just hung out in the hotel. I’m grateful that he came out with me. 

For my goals, I’ve listened to a couple of photography podcast and used the insight meditation. Tonight I’m going out to dinner with my vendors and tomorrow night there is a light show at the castle in town. I’m excited to get some photographs to share


One thought on “Final stretch 

  1. A light show at the castle, what?!?!? That’s sounds amazing. I love your adventurous spirit. Enjoy your trip!


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