Last week.

I heard this song last night, and felt really hopeful, maybe for the first time since I broke up with Jason, that I might marry someday.  It’s a beautiful song if you have a chance to listen.


I’ve been writing every day.  This is good and important because it’s helping me process my break up.  

Financial: I have got to choose more empowered ways of financial being. Eliane is right.  I am seeing clearly that I do not value saving.  I am consistently putting travel (4 weddings and a bachelorette party in 5 different states in 6 months).  Not sustainable. Not supporting me in my financial goal… But that’s really hard for me to turn down.  Could I have done it (I could and probably should have. I should have said, “wow, that sounds amazing, i’m so honored that you thought of me, let me think about it”, instead of “yes!”  I think it’s gotta be about intention. I want my days soaked with intention, and intentional spending.  This is not to say that I haven’t made some progress, or that having a goal to strive toward has not been helpful, but somehow I underestimated the amount of money I would be putting away.  I have set up an appointment with my uncle to create a RothIRA, which I am pumped about.  I have saved some money. I am paying off my credit card. Now I want to pick up the pace.


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