Week 8 – Standing for a World…

One of the things that I was thinking about today is the statement “I stand for a world that is…”  that some of us include at the top of our PSPs.  I usually don’t.

The reason I usually don’t include it is that I haven’t really connected with mine.  My version is something along the lines of “I stand for a world where individuals get to figure out what their talents are and get to contribute those talents to the world, creating passionate families, relationships and communities.”

My story has been I am still figuring out my talents, and the ones that I have kind of known about for some time – public speaking, connecting with others, communicating clearly – have gone underdeveloped and underutilized.

But after 49 days of experience of connecting with strangers and discussing our dreams and challenges, it hit me today… I am kind of doing it.  I am kind of showing up and making a small contribution to the world that I stand for.  And it feels good…ok, fantastic.

I wake up in the morning and it feels different.  I have more joy, gratitude and purpose, and the rest tends to flow.

In past cycles, a goal was not to press the snooze bar in the morning.  This cycle I don’t even think about the snooze bar.  In past cycles I have had health goals.  This cycle, I don’t need a push to do yoga or go for a run.  In past cycles I have worked on my familial relationships.  In this cycle I have made the 3 hour round trip to West Orange 3 times to spend time with my family.  Integrity had felt like a burden.  Now it feels a whole lot lighter.  (this is the first cycle where I have met my commitments regarding buddies, small group and blogging).

That is not to say that things have been easy.  It’s been hard.  But I have more openly welcomed the challenges as growth opportunities….AFGO.  And I have really appreciated all of the chances I have had to experience patience, trust and surrender.

So cycle 10, I am very grateful for all of your support and inspiration.  Thanks to you, I feel like I am starting to stand for a world.

And in that spirit I offer you the following connection formula:

“Excuse me, can I share an idea with you?  I am doing a 60 day growth challenge.  The growth challenge is that I make it my business to do at least one thing each day that contributes to my overall health and happiness.  I keep a log each day of the thing that I did.  As part of the challenge, each day I share it with a person that I don’t know.  The reason I do that is to hold myself accountable, maintain my enthusiasm and to connect with someone new.  Today that person is you.  I ask you one question.  If there is one thing that you could do today that would make your life a little bit better (it can be anything – spiritual, physical, emotional etc,) what do you think it would be?”

I would be honored if you join me 🙂

-I am blogging today because tomorrow I have a date 😉



3 thoughts on “Week 8 – Standing for a World…

  1. i would love to know what types of things you did for yourself each day besides sharing the project. did you share what you did each day with each person too?


  2. A nice stretch would be to have a lucky person you inspired to make a shoutout to the group on Whatsapp, Blog, etc. I have been really inspired by what you have done this cycle! Making connections with strangers is one of my favorite things to do in NYC.


  3. remember in cycle 9 when you said you didn’t have a vision for yourself?? it’s awesome to think how approaching things in different ways can get us to where we want to be!! you are standing so strong!


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