I Am Enough

While I continue to experience ups and downs, I have felt really good about my goals this cycle. Practicing surrender and becoming a fan of myself has been challenging but also really powerful.

I had a wonderful time at adult summer camp this past weekend. I canoed, did the high ropes course, playing human hungry hippos, and learned a hip-hop dance routine that I performed with a group in the Talent/No Talent show. I met tons of cool people and just had fun.

I participated in a group video session on Monday night in something called Rapid Transformational Coaching that uses hypnosis, which was focused on the idea “I am enough.” In the beginning, the woman leading it had each of us talk a bit about our experience of “not enoughness.” She then brought us into the hypnosis, in which we were guided to talk with ourselves as a child in the house where we grew up. She had us ask our child selves if we were happy, and what happened or didn’t happen that had us feel that way. Eventually, we brought our child selves to our current home and showed them who we are now. I cried a lot during this. It was powerful and afterward, I felt really good and light. I feel it on a deeper level than in the past—I am enough.

I’m really enjoying this new writing project I’m working on. Also, I posted my service of helping people write and/or edit text messages on Fiverr, a platform on which people offer freelance services starting at $5. No one has taken me up on it yet, but I’m excited to be putting it out there. Not sure what the future of my career will look like, but for now, I’m finally enjoying the ride, and that feels good.


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