Moments of joy.

It’s been a week and we still haven’t fixed our apartment wifi! So tonight I got responsible and came home early, took my laptop across the street and am working at my other home, Whole Foods. This place got me through grad school!

My small group decided to do a quick check in tonight as the cycle wraps up. It still continues to amaze me how quickly we can get back into the work, connect and explore ourselves. Since our closing meeting is coming up I’ll save cycle-end reflections and just check in on the week.

It was a good week, with lots of joy/happy/fun moments again. I feel so lucky for that!! A lot of that is living in New York, I feel like, with access to social events and community and a vibrant city. I joined Hadar at a work event and had fun bonding with his (slightly nutty) colleagues, went to a night of philanthropy and saw one of my closest friends win the grand prize with tears in her eyes!, spent some beautiful hours outside with friends and margaritas, went to a pool party birthday and a crazy bar mitzvah party! It’s definitely June, and I get a ton of energy from these events.

Hadar and I also had a coffee date with a mentor of mine/ours, and it was so special. She’s smart and thoughtful and fun (she’s probably in her 60s and decided to do a triathlon to meet new people in her town) and it was nice to have such easy conversation.

And, I declared to my buddy that I would go for a jog and I did, on Sunday! the reason that was so significant for me is that it was the first jog in many many months, before the IVF cycle. I have been avoiding going since because it was painful to run (I won’t get into the gory details). But, it really didn’t hurt anything other than my legs and it was great to get out there, even for a short time. My soreness the next day was a good thing!

I also mentioned on the chat that I went low sugar this week and felt really good for 3 days – i love how a change can make me feel different in a day! Then I consciously chose to have a margarita last night (I’ve gotta get these drinks in while I can, before I have to cut them out again in a few weeks) AND to me, margaritas represent fun and summer and relaxation. Guess I get to look at other ways to achieve that 🙂

Now I feel pretty awful, to be honest – this morning I felt sick and it took half the day to feel like myself – once I was already past 2 important meetings. So I get to take better care of myself. I think it’s not just the margarita, and I look forward to feeling better hopefully tomorrow. Planning to go to bed early tonight as tomorrow is another crazy day wrapping up a really busy week.

In these last few days of the cycle, I get to find some downtime on shabbat to relax, spend some good time with friends and welcome my parents (and my patience) on Sunday! Thanks all for another amazing cycle, and looking forward to #11 (we’re well into double digits now).



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