Last week of # 10!

This week for my creativity project I decided to focus on finally selecting a painting for my apt. I was at a local coffee shop with my friend when I was making this declaration. He then ask me, “Why don’t you buy one of the paintings on the wall here? Everytime you are here you check them out?”  So I looked at the paintings again and read the artist name…. Me: “Hey I know him he used to be a member at my gym!” I remember seeing on facebook when he started taking on paintings. So, I reached out to him to see if I could commission a piece.  He responded that he would be glad to. Best part is that he uses painting as his outlet for karmically giving back, so the proceeds minus materials will go to a charity of my choice.  Win, win!

For my spirituality goal I am really happy with my new mindset and openness about the topic. It is hard to describe but it seems so light for me to talk and be curious and ask and share without fear of judgment about it.  As far as by when’s I reached out to Naomi to attend a service and Shabbat dinner with her in July.

After my last post about me hulking out on the Medicare rep, I had two other situations that came up in Texas with friends that had me take a look at my being and how I was showing up in the world. Without self beat up I have taken the downs or perceived downs and as Josh wrote the other night thinking about the fact that yes I get to take a look at me but also it is not all about me. Yes this is feedback and it is also about other people and their stuff. I am failing at times but failing better……

I am going to continue my spirituality foundation and practices and now I know some of the what is possible when I get creative. One step closer…….



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