I can’t believe that this cycle is coming to an end.  I remember thinking an extra two weeks is a long time and Wow! time really progressed.   Meditating really became easier at the end of the cycle.  I have become more comfortable with it and actually look forward to trying different types.  Today while sitting in traffic I thought to myself that it would be great if when I feel stressed that some meditation would automatically begin. It does not happen all the time but there have been occasions this cycle when I have stopped myself and just breathed prior to possibly hulking out on something that I found stressful (most of the time it was something not worth getting upset over).  I have found that meditating and/or listening to different meditations has been helpful in getting me grounded.

My father is currently in a rehab center participating in  intense Speech, OT, and PT sessions to get him on the right track after his stroke.  There is a lot of uncertainty right now that includes: How soon will he be able to live at home?  When he does get home what assistance will he need and what modifications will be necessary?    Honestly I have resorted to working out and meditating to help me to ease this anxiety of the unknown.  I am committed to taking this one day at a time.

I stayed commited to my second goal of reading and/or listening to something inspiring each day.  I did not read everyday but was able to make up for days I missed via reading and listening more over the weekend.  For example I found myself multitasking listeing to more podcasts and audiobooks while doing housework and/or driving.

I plan to continue to meditate and read/listen to inspiring books, podcasts, etc.

I have a few thoughts about the cycle.

I always enjoy having a buddy and always learn a lot from this relationship.  Thank you HKWeiss  for being there.  I learned a lot from our weekly discussions and meetings.  You are a true student and teacher of the work.  I know that you are on the right track to great things!

I also enjoyed my small group.  Despite almost all of us being located far from each other  I felt that I got a lot from our calls. Initially, I was worried as we were only going to have Video Conference / Audio Calls.  Due to some techical difficulties from the first meeting we stayed with the audio conference calls.  I learned a lot from our calls as I was fortunate to be in a group with such a great, honest and vulnerable group of women. The simple conference call format actually allowed us to spend more time on connecting as opposed to figuring out the logistics of where to meet and if the technology was working or not.   We even made a third conference call work this week despite everyone being busy.

I am glad that we stepped up monitoring of the ground rules via Integrity Captains.  I believe that it allowed everyone to become more aware.

I remember this from HKWeiss at the end of last cycle noting:

HKWeiss Closing Thoughts Cycle 9

“Some stalwart bloggers were hot and cold, and some other members ‘hid’ more so this cycle than previous, which limited the blog and general sharing, although it elevated the shares from those who did post for me –> sharing = caring and I’ll take what I can get from whomever is willing to share!”

and I remember  Kyla778 Vision Post

I found both of these posts as a catalyst for stepping it up this cycle.  I know there were many other conversations, regarding this.

I believe that the blog was much more active and juicy as everyone shared.  I think we accomplished a lot from this consistency.  I am speaking for myself but I believe that there were occasions that we spent too much time focusing on the people who did not blog as opposed to focusing on the people who did.  I know that I could have made more comments on others blog posts.  Sharing is caring.  Going forward I am going to make more time to comment and focus on the people who did blog.  Balance is key.

NAMASTE1234567 had posted the following at the begining of the cycle. ” If you want to reach a state of bliss, make a decision to relinquish the need to control, the need to be approved, and the need to judge.  Those are the three things the ego is doing all the time.” It’s important to be aware of them everyday. For me, the activity on Whatsapp provides a good lesson for this.  I was a bit quiet this round as I have a bit of Whatsapp fatigue.  I have been active on Whatsapp since the begining of ALP4  in December 2013.  I am communications captain so always did my best to stay engaged.   Last cycle as Inspiration Captain I would overanalyze everything that I sent.   I wanted everything to be “inspirational” and felt that I wasnt always able to accomplish that.  This is coming from being an analayzer/perfectionist.  It is for certain that I get to cointinue to work on my ego.  I know that I need to state my contract to remind myself of my power. This cycle I spent more time focusing on my goals and doing my best to connect with others directly.  I will continue to focus on direct connection going forward into the next cycle and beyond.

Thank you everyone!



2 thoughts on “Onward

  1. Wow, just wow! Way to step up as a leader with this post…you always are a strong leader but it is awesome to see the growth you are making and to connect all of us to these various important posts and comments. I love this post….way to be! I am here if you need someone to talk with about your Dad. Xox


  2. Thank you for sharing the journey, I also have a bit of Whatsup fatigue and although I read everyone’s bogs, I sometimes don’t know what to say in the comments.


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