I am a fish…

Having grown up in the Great Lakes State I would swim for hours until my Mom would drag my skin-turned-prune self out of the water because it was time to leave.  I love the water….there is something so calming, joyful, peaceful, fun, blissful, refreshing, detoxifying about being in the water.

We are still getting to know our little village and we haven’t really established a foothold here yet, but one of the big reasons for the village we chose as well as the specific house we chose was so that we could have quick access to the beach.  Our village has a ‘little slice of heaven beach’ called Sea Cliff beach….it looks straight out at the sun as it sets on the horizon and is such a serene and peaceful place to watch day turn into night and to really connect with the natural ebb and flow of our planet.



Tonight I took one of our kayaks out on the water.  My husband loaded the kayak into the car for me and he took our daughter for one last hurrah around the backyard and then took her up for her bath.  I took the kayak to our boat slip (we were able to get two slots on the beach for the summer) and then out onto the water.  I was surrounded by moored boats; huge sailboats, boats where you can sleep aboard, some incredibly beautiful and massively huge boats…..the sun was setting and several sail boats lay a ways out on the water between where I was in my kayak and where the sun was setting over Larchmont in the distance.  It was cool to be connected to the sea, the deep dark waves sloshing around me, the large boats moored all around and little ol me in a small kayak present to this day coming to a close….so directly connected to the planet and nature.  We will never again see today….it is over. Gone.  Done…..  We are lucky enough to have another beautiful day that will present itself tomorrow, the sun will light up the earth as it rises turning darkness into light.  The sun will be up in the sky all day tomorrow whether we can see it through the clouds or not.  It will again set, just like it did so beautifully tonight.  How many of these days will it take for us to decide to take action on our dreams and desires…..to get serious about freakin making what we want to happen really happen. To get out of our own way and choose to step left.  What will it take for us to do this.  For ourselves, for those closest to us…..for the world?  I feel myself waking up in many ways and I hope that I can choose to be brave and make these days matter….not let them slip away….unseized. Even if it is a couple of baby steps each day.  I hope the same for you too…..what would it freakin feel like to have that life you dream of.  To be sitting in it right now staring all around you at what you have created for yourself…..can you really connect to that?  For me I would feel peace, joy, fulfillment, love, openness, connection, pride, and accomplished.  I hope tomorrow between the rising and the setting of the sun that you get several steps closer to the life you dream of for yourself.  That you choose to be brave, to be committed, to be focused on the time you have been given to create something wonderful.  I wish the same for myself.

In solidarity and in strength…..your psplife partner in crime and friend to the end…Creatrice de Bijoux.  Night beautiful, powerful, strong, committed, wonderful leaders!!


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