Last blog of the cycle

Last week reminded me of what makes my soul happy, traveling. I struggle with routine and sitting in an office day after day. I’m more productive when I’m away, making sure that the work gets done so I have time to get out and explore.

Unfortunately I got bad news when I got back from my cousin Lorna. She was been in remission from ovarian cancer but her cancer markers have increased one the past few months. This week she told me that there is not much more they can do and has started talking to a palliative care team. I’m having flashbacks of my mother’s last months of life and although I know what is ahead, its going to be hard.

Lorna is the only cousin that I have who has been a consistent part of my life. I don’t have sisters, she was the only female family member I knew until I met others when I was in my 30’s.  I’m now trying to see when I can get up to Toronto to see her this summer.

For the goals, I find that I slacked on the photography challenges I set up for myself, but the opportunities that came up with being out of the country were rewarding. I know I will continue to grow with experience and feel that during the past two cycles I’ve made great improvements.

Over all well being had a set back. Being away with a colleague from London in a location where the food was amazingly good and wine was cheap. I over indulged. I’ll be working the next few weeks to fix the damage.

I’ve been inspired by the meditation goals others did and am considering pushing that as my primary goal.

For the final photo share of the cycle, here is a shot from the light show at the Veliko Turnovo castle. They had different color lights going off synced to music. I set up the tripod and tried different focal lengths, but tried not to focus too much on the camera. I wanted to enjoy the show with my own eyes and not just through a camera lens.






One thought on “Last blog of the cycle

  1. I like your approach to how things went. Celebrate what works and acknowledge what didn’t but with our regret.

    I’m sorry to hear about your cousin. I hope she is able to enjoy life painlessly for as long as possible and that you get in quality time with her this summer.


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