Quick running post

Tonight at work we met with the trainers who will guide the marathon. I left really inspired with the desire to get my pre-training training back on track.

By the time I got home I nearly lost all my motivation, so before I had zero I quickly changed popped in my contacts and headed out for a run. 

Along the way home I was emptying all the videos and pictures from various WhatsApp groups as my storage are starting to run low on my phone. No offense to my dad, who is a fantastic person and father, but he’s overweight and he has no butt, so all his pants end up falling below his waist with his belly hanging over.

Those pictures of what could very well be my future give me additional motivation tonight to really push it as a challenge myself and the Harlem Hills. 

Despite the elevation, I got in my best time for 2 miles in while – a long while – and it felt good to feel that burn again.

I’m excited for the training that lies ahead and to be pushed by the athletes I’m training with who are in better shape than I am. 


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