Is it that time..

I was looking at the WordPress Stats and this is my 42nd Post.  I was fortunate to  join PSPLife  when 2016 was young and have continued on since then.   I believe that I have become much more comfortable with writing blog posts.

On a Sunday evening in August the Planning Committee had a conference call to plan  Cycle 11.  It was a beautiful evening and I recall being outside on the call speaking with

I made progress with my Time Management Goal.  I got into the habit of Listing everything out and planning in advance.  I have become more conscious of this and continue to improve on a system that works for me.  I am also doing better at noting how long it takes me to do certain things so that I can plan better.  I am also documenting my steps as well so that I can better delegate tasks to others.  I have some risk aversion for things that require me to reach out for support.  I am doing better at  getting past my pride of being afraid to fail particularly in reaching out for support and/or relying on others.  I am improving in this area and realizing that doing / risking is much more beneficial than not doing anything.  What I didn’t do enough of this cycle is take advantage of the accountability components that are available in this group.  For example, my buddy had offered me support and I really didn’t take advantage of her accountability till the end of the cycle.  For example she encouraged me to email, text my planned day the night before.  BRANDYMARIE1 would check in with me and ask questions including: If I had planned in advance?  What I am trying to achieve on a particular day or week?  This is where I get to improve.  I believe that accountability is available in this group for anyone who asks for it.  I get to embrace accountability on all levels even when it sometimes feel uncomfortable.

My biggest obstacle is myself.   I sometimes don’t  get out of my own way  and spend too much time on things that take away from me focusing on my strengths.  This is all the reason that I get to continue to create systems and delegate things so I can focus on what I do the best.

In my PSP for this Cycle I included the following:

My vision for the world: Connect and bring people together from different places, cultures, and values to foster better understanding with the goal of instilling love and peace.  I truly enjoy communicating and connecting with people. 

During this cycle I had at least three reminders that its essential for me to do what this vision says.

In late October, I had a surprise meeting with an old colleague/mentor who I used to work with, we will call him Mr. Kata.  He is one of the product managers for a product that I helped develop in North America.  We used to travel a lot together and would speak almost every day.   I really respect him a lot but unfortunately I had not connected with him for some time.  He was  traveling in the United States and came to New York.  I got a sudden call from one of my old colleagues in New York  and she asked if I would  be up for meeting everyone for a drink as Mr. Kata has not stopped talking about me for the entire trip.  I was lucky to be free and was able to meet them.  It was so nice to see Mr. Kata and was super flattered that he made time for me.

In November I spent a week at a tradeshow and traveling the area with a Japan based vendor in which we have a strong working relationship developed through years of building trust, rapport, and connection. This has kept us together despite me not having as much technical understanding of his products compared to other distributors in North America.   I know that he and his company like me but I know that he is expecting more.  Another incentive to manage my time more effectively though delegating so I can do more to grow his business.

Recently, a friend who runs a company that caters to the battery and electronic materials industries  reached out to me for support.  Like myself he works with a bunch of overseas companies.  He is working with a new Japan based vendor and did not feel comfortable as the vendor did not speak a lot of English and my friend does not speak Japanese.  My presence was helpful as this initial meeting helped my friend establish better credibility with this new vendor.  I am flattered that my friend is comfortable with me to reach out like this.

Some of you may recall that I was a best man in a wedding for an old colleague / friend who is originally from China. The wedding was held in Wuxi China.  As a result I ended up giving a speech to 500+ people.  I had prepared to do so with little guidance.  I don’t think that my friend knew what was planned.  I ended up changing my speech at the last minute to match the setting and context.  Anyway in October my friend sent me a link and said that I was the greatest “Best Man” one can have. I am in the video in a few places but my speech is at around 1:50.  The sad part is I almost didn’t attend because I had stories that I did not have enough time to go.   I definitely shifted and thought abundantly and it turned out to be a very memorable trip.


I get to remember that there are 1440 minutes in a day and I get to use them wisely.

My second goal is to become more flexible as in stretching more.  I committed to even going to Yoga once per week.  Although I continued to follow my exercise regimen via attending gym classes, I did not attend any yoga classes.  I usually stretched more after every class I took and became aware of what I need to work on.  My range of motion has improved and I feel that I have been loosening up more quickly than before.  I believe Yoga will be helpful and aim to take advantage of classes. For example some of the gyms I attend offer Yoga as an option.  I avoided accountability on this a too  as  RIANNA BUTTERFLY  who is in my small group offered me options to go with her.  even invited me to attend a class with her if I visited.

Thank you everyone for a great cycle!  Looking forward to tomorrow’s meeting to celebrate everyone.





Doing the Uncomfortable brings me Energy


Initially, I did not have the desire to write this post.  Maybe I had too much energy as I could not concentrate.  As a result I decided to create a video post.  After it was completed I decided to write my thoughts as well as I seemed very clear and energized about what I wanted to write. It’s amazing how stretching a bit changes my level of energy and focus.  Later I looked at the video and found it to be too long and lacking energy.  As a result, I did it again.  Yes, being focused on perfection is a hindrance to time management but I couldn’t resist in this case.    I have provided a link to the video.  I have also written about the points that I speak about.  In 2017 we get to cater to the various media preferences of our audience.  If you are multi-tasking the video may be more conducive to your objectives.  I am looking out for your time everyone.  Love you All!

Video Post

As I work toward my goals of time management I continue to listen and read different resources. As noted last week I am reading 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management.   I find reading and listening to various resources while working toward my goals helps to keep me in Action and on point.  The book talks about some things that I have already been doing.

Planning:  I have been doing my best to plan the night before using Lists, etc.  As noted before I have been using To Do List based on  Getting Things Done.  It is not perfect but continue to add tasks and review it accordingly.  This book talks about using the Calendar more.  I have been using both and finding a system that works for me.

Routine:  I am pretty good at waking up in the morning and getting to the gym.  I find that going to the gym is more beneficial than choosing not to go.  Sometimes I am tempted to not go as I create the story that I will get a head start and workout later.  9 times out of 10 this idea does not work for me.  I get to work on the routine of getting from the gym and started at work.  I sometimes get lost along the way and don’t start work at the time I need to.

Meditation and Affirmations:  I believe that this is important for me to add to my routine.  In a previous cycle I made it a point to mediate and I really get to make time.  More importantly I get to be more disciplined on asking what I want to create on that day and link things to my overall goals.  HKWeiss and KJG778 talk about their visions, Poker Hand and why we do things.  I believe that this gets to be tied to my time management.  This is all connected.

Intuition/Energy:   I get to listen to what my mind and body is telling me and what I know needs to get done. For example, I knew that this blog post needed to get done at some point.  In the morning I started writing this and realized that I didn’t feel like writing.  I decided to do a video as this was more of a stretch for me.  I ended up doing a video which also gave me the adrenaline to write as well.  I also know that its better for me to do things that require my concentration earlier in the morning as I lose steam later in the afternoon/evening.  I get to look at what’s important and needs my undivided attention and energy.

Focus:  I get to work on small deadlines for certain tasks.  There is something called  Pomodoro Timer that has us breakdown task and giving small deadlines and then take 5 or 10 minute breaks.  I get to also block out other distractions during this time.

Distractions:   I have realized that the phone is a distraction.  For example I don’t silent my phone enough.  Do any of you silence your phone or have strategies to block out distractions?  I have also heard that its good to not check your email in the morning and focus on important tasks.

Do any of you have suggestions or strategies?





WordPress Features Webinar

I have realized that some of you are not familiar with the WordPress feature to receive email notifications when other members post comments to the blog.  Here is a short tutorial with screenshare on how to do this.  Thank you Hadar for showing me how to do this.

I hope that this helps some of you to gain access to the site as well as commenting, etc.

Please note that private posts will not be sent to the email.

WordPress Webinar Screenshare

The general feature is to go

Login using username and password

Go to the top blue bar and click on Reader

On the left you will see Followed Sites

Click on Manage  next to Followed Sites.

Then click  Follow that is to the right of PSPLife.  You will then have Settings on the bottom of that.  You can then manage how often you want to receive notifications as well as if you want to receive comments.

Please do let me know if you have any questions.

The Lessons of not saying NO.

I had a productive week filled with good lessons.  On Sunday morning following  my cousins wedding,  I got up and drove back to Connecticut with my parents.  I then drove to Princeton New Jersey to set up for a tradeshow that took place on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.   I then went to Newark airport to pick up one of the main vendors I work with Dr. N aka Mr. Step Aerobics.  Dr. N is a Step Aerobic superstar.  His flight actually got in late which gave me a little more time to prepare for the following day.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were very productive as we connected with many new leads and existing customers.  This Show Eastern Analytical Symposium caters to the Chemists who work at the many pharma, biotech, food, cosmetics, fragrance and chemical companies that are located in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachuesetts and the surrounding states.  I really enjoyed connecting with everyone.  I also saw some old friends including Mr. K and Co.  Some PSP Lifers may remember Mr. K.  Mr. K and Co is the company I entered a joint venture with and then chose to end it.  We actually exhibited quite close to each other.  Despite the circumstance we still made the best of it and had fun talking and joking during the show.

This is Dr. N and I in front of our table top at the show.


This show is always an energy booster for me as its a great chance to connect and learn about the many things that are occurring in the industry.  My mind spins with different ideas.

On Thursday Dr. N and I  continued on our journey to visit customers near Philadelphia and in Central New Jersey.  It was great to visit customers with Dr. N as he can answer very detailed technical questions from the customers.  On Friday Dr. N and I  met in the morning to summarize the week and had him share the details of some of the new technologies.

As for time management basically all of my time was pretty occupied between Sunday and Thursday.  I managed to keep most things in order.  A shout out to

As some of my PSP Lifer/friends are reading Money Master The Game including  BRANDYMARIE1 and EMPRESS RAVEN, I decided to buy the audio version.  However as I thought about it the more I realized that I was distracting myself from my goal of time management.  I downloaded 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management, another audio book for my long drive that is focused on time management. I listened to a good part of it on my drive from Connecticut to New Jersey.  A noteworthy chapter is the section in which the author Kevin Kruse talks about the importance of saying “No”.  The author highlights the point”Every Yes is a No to something else.” This philosophy sounds so easy.. Just say No.  However it’s easier said than done.  I learned a bit about this during the week.

Despite my intuition having some uncertainty I had signed up to participate on the Advanced Education Graduate Committee.   This committee works on communicating with the graduates from Advanced Education and Personal Dynamics.  All week G has been trying to coordinate a meeting and encouraging us to choose a captain for the team. Despite being asked a few times I have informed the team that I am not interested in being captain.    I also feel that most of the team is 50% committed.  I have been doing my best to communicate with fellow graduates about events like the town hall meeting. Anyway on Friday morning G sends us a Whatsapp asking if we can have a conference call on Friday night or Saturday morning.  Despite knowing deep down that either time was difficult for me I decided to see how I could have it all.  I still had Dr. N in town for his final night.  So after looking at my schedule in more detail I was able to postpone dinner for 30 minutes to fit in the conference call.  My gut was screaming at me.  It was saying, I am overdoing it and I should have never committed to the conference call.  I guess I felt guilty as I felt desperation from G to get things rolling.

Last night at 8:00 PM I dialed into the conference call to only have G on the other side.  No one else from my committee was on the call.  I sent everyone a message in the Whatsapp group and one other member joined.  Frankly I was extremely upset.  I held it together for the first 20 minutes but at the 21 minute point I let it rip at how this committee is a waste of time and this is a typical all talk no action LP exercise. I even pulled myself off the chat and removed myself from the group.  My resistance exploded and my feelings changed to not wanting to be a part of any of these activities.  I said things like that I do not have time to babysit and play “who can be a leader.”   As in any case there were some other underlying issues like everyone didn’t read the message; people communicated directly with G; etc.

The underlying theme is that I had no business  saying yes to participating on this call in the first place.  I should have trusted my intuition.

  1.  I should have said NO without fear of being judged and/or feeling guilty.

I also get to look at why I even joined this committee in the first place.  What inspired me to join? Does it match short and long term vision? What caused me to hulk out?

These are things I get to look at!





In Between Two Defining Weeks

I am at the beginning of an action packed week.  I am currently in Ogunquit Maine attending my cousin’s wedding.  I just took a few extra seconds to figure out how to spell Ogunquit… I keep on messing it up mainly because I just didn’t take the initial few moments to figure out the actual spelling.  I don’t even know if the auto spell check accurately picks out the name of this nice place.

Today will be a fun day connecting with family.

I wake up early  tomorrow (Sunday) and drive my parents back to CT and then to Newark NJ to pick up a vendor coming from Japan as we will exhibit on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in Princeton NJ.  The show is Eastern Analytical Symposium should any of you be interested in attending.  I will then visit customers and spend time with the vendor on Thursday and Friday. I have been working with this vendor full time since 2012 but have known him since 2009.  I am lucky to work with him as he is very well known in the Liquid Chromatography world in Japan.  Additionally he is a real pleasant individual to work with.  He is a bit quiet and a introvert which gets me to be more extraverted in representing him.  He also has many interests.

On a sidenote, he is really good at Step Aerobics. I believe that this is still popular in the gym scene in Japan.  Any suggestions on where to go for a good step aerobics class is greatly appreciated.  Even New York Sports Club has few Step Aerobics classes (if any).  It is a true challenge as Zumba and other dance classes have replaced this 90’s phenomenon. Last year I took him to a Broadway Dance class and he did really well.  I on the other hand was “that guy” in the back trying to figure out the first move.  I am patting myself on the back for giving it a try.

Back to the goals, last week I committed to being more deliberate with my time management and create a system.  Athelwell’s Post talks a bit about systems and measurement that I found useful.

Last week I highlighted the following:

Some things that I am working on for the rest of the cycle include:

  • Reviewing and planning my week on Sunday. — (I did this on Monday morning Thanks Brandymarie1 for reminding me)
  • Planning the next day the evening before. (I didn’t do this everyday)
  • Setting my intention for the day.  (I get to be more disciplined with this)
  • Focus on the tasks that pay me the most and delegate what is a drag and/or I am not effective at. (Delegating more will help me here. I am gradually being brave and letting go.)
  • Proceed with intensity and consistency. (In the morning I am always inspired but sometimes get in my own way as the day progresses.)
  • Set better expectations of myself and what people will expect from me.  Be clear. (I am working on this more)
  • I am also striving to be more consistent on my system. (Was not consistent enough this week.)
  • I am also trying to create systems or steps for every task (I get to be more disciplined and write things down when I am doing a particular task.  Kind of like the Ogunquit exercise. Just create the brief moments and do it.)

I did some of this but was I was not as disciplined as I could be doing this each day.  I get to work on this more and being focused with this tying in the system I created using Trello and points I learned in Getting Things Done.  

There were some days this week in which I felt overwhelmed and the whole point of having these systems is to stop feeling overwhelmed.  I am really committed to using these more even if I get discouraged and want to go to my automatics.

I have a few tasks right now that as much as I want to delegate I am unable to because I have kept it so close to me for so long.  For example, I am in the process of transferring content from one website platform to another.  It also involves a product database.  Although I have tried to delegate it its easier for me to move the initial data and information.    Going forward I will be able to delegate it.  I also get to build a bigger support network of  freelancers / interns who can help me.

There are also some financial tasks that I do each month that I get to make a better system for.  I should also not wait till the last minute to do this.  I am committed to schedule / block out two times each month to do this and not wait till the last minute.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I will be quite occupied at a tradeshow booth doing what I really enjoy, making connections with new prospects and some existing customers.    I am committed to what I noted in the  bullet points above and will keep you informed of my progress. Particularly it will be important to declare intentions (as my automatic is to not take the time to do this).

The environment of where I am and who I am with is important for me.  This week I worked out of my homeoffice/apartment a few days and although everything is in arms reach-  printer, scanner, data, etc, I don’t get as much done.  I tend to get a lot more completed when I am working with others and/or surrounded by others in a bright environment.  I get more accomplished when I work with others at the remote offices / lounges I use.  I have come a long way in making my operation very remote I still have stories that some things need to be done at my desk as I have dual screens computer screens, equipment, etc.

CBFORMULA Post talks about why he socializes.  This can probably be a whole separate post.  I noted this before, I sometimes waste time talking to women who I met via Tinder who I have no strong interest in meeting.   It just fills a loneliness void.  Its a bit overdue but I just deleted the Tinder App. My story was that there  are a few who I matched with who I want to contact.  If its truly meant to be, we will meet someplace else.  I know I get to work on myself but more importantly spend time on connecting with people who I really want to connect with.  I get to be more deliberate and intentional with my time in relation to dating. I also get to trust my gut.   I worked on this in previous cycles- particularly trusting my intuition.  HKWEISS  spoke about this in his post “At times, I may not complete all of my goals; others I may not complete them to the degree or manner I prefer. So long as I keep after my goal, I have every right to be proud of how I comport myself and can hold my head up high”   I agree with this as PSPLife is continuous and our previous goals don’t end when the cycle is over.

I am going to stretch a bit.  Brandymarie1 taught me a new stretch for my hips.  Wow!  Very effective.  I still get to take a little more time to stretch as no one else is going to do this for me.  I always feel better too.  This video resonated with me although related to fitness.



On the right track!

Hello All,

I am just getting back from Minneapolis. It was a nice week!

Despite having to bust out my winter attire some weeks earlier as it was rather cold, I  had productive week.  I was planning to write my blog on the flight back.  I was playing with the in flight wifi and it was not working.  I was definitely getting annoyed .. I had a “first world problem” moment and quickly shifted.  Anyway, the snack was served (Delta gives away free snacks, wow!) and I started a nice conversation with a gentleman who was traveling  from Minneapolis with his wife to spend the week in New York.  We talked for the remainder of the 2.5 hour flight .  Although I had big plans to catch up on things and rest I am glad that I chose to connect with someone new.

Most of the week was spent on the delegating part of my time management goal.  I have highlighted in previous posts but the person based in Minneapolis named B will handle a big part of the ordering processing and operations of my company.  We have been working together for about five years as she works for one of my main vendors.  She will now split time between my company and the partner company that I work with. I am looking forward to see how everything plays out.  Basically it’s in everyone’s interest that I delegate and let go of certain parts of the operations.  I will spend  more time on business development while she focuses on her strengths — business operations.  We spent some quality time moving forward!   I had the chance to visit some customers too.  There are some risks involved with this arrangement but the benefits far outweigh any potential issues.  This will also allow me to hire more sales and marketing support.

I am working on other areas of my time management goal as  I create more of a routine that I follow each day.  I am working to create a system and strive to stay disciplined toward it.  Honestly my morning routine is pretty good but sometimes I get sidetracked as the day goes on.  For me it takes discipline to stay focused.  Some of the issue is that I have not been disciplined in delegating.  Having B who understands the operation and products will provide me more opportunities to do this.  Malie11 has been really helpful over this year in getting me to focus and delegate.

Creatrice de Bijoux via Whatsapp asked us who are leaders we look up to or aspire to be. I have been thinking about this.  I definitely have some high level leaders / role models. I also have people who are influencing me in the moment.  Some months back I stumbled across this Youtube show called the WaterCooler hosted by Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin.  They are founders of a company called Curaytor.  It is a company that helps real estate agents market and sell better in the digital age.  Part of their strategy for the WaterCooler YouTube show is to give away useful information to bring awareness to them and their company. Over the years they have covered many topics including: productivity, Facebook marketing, sales, zero inbox, effective website strategies, how to create effective YouTube videos, etc.    Anyway, they really opened my eyes to the current tools and opportunities with digital technology.  Although they serve a different industry I have really learned a lot from them and their knowledge and connections have lead me to other resources.  I have realized that many of my competitors are not consistently using some of this technology.  Additionally, Chris and Jimmy have built a successful business in a short period of time.

They have interviewed various successful people about how they create systems and allocate their time.  I found the following YouTube videos quite pertinent to me.  I really enjoyed the energy and information that I got from these two interviews even as they are in a different industry.


Some things that I am working on for the rest of the cycle include:

  • Reviewing and planning my week on Sunday.
  • Planning the next day the evening before.
  • Setting my intention for the day.
  • Focus on the tasks that pay me the most and delegate what is a drag and/or I am not effective at.
  • Proceed with intensity and consistency.
  • Set better expectations of myself and what people will expect from me.  Be clear.
  • I am also striving to be more consistent on my system.
  • I am also trying to create systems or steps for every task


This interview really hit home for me.
Interview with Tim Smith —

This person is a trip and offers great insight.

Interview with Leigh Brown

I have also been working on my stretching/becoming more flexible.  This week I missed a few days while traveling but still made an effort to stretch when I would work out.  I still get to create some time during the day to stretch a bit. but am committing to be more consistent for small stretching spurts.
It snowed on Friday night and I  ended up staying at my hotel.  Although I wanted to just hang out I decided to head to the gym and just walk on the treadmill while listening to some podcasts.  I stretched after as well.  I still have this story that working out has to be intense and I was not inspired to do anything crazy. I almost gave in and headed to the bar.   Instead I chose to do what I could and what my body was comfortable doing.

A bunch of thoughts

I continue to make  strides in Time Management.  Part of the system I am following makes us ask the following:  If it takes less than 2 minutes – Do it!  If it takes more than two minutes either delegate the task or put it into the right list to do it later.  The part that I still have the hardest part with is delegating.  I don’t delegate enough.  This week I am heading to Minneapolis as I will spend a week with a company that I have close ties with.  Basically its a Swedish company that also has a customer service office located in Minneapolis and they have one person who handles customers service and processing for their direct orders.   Basically the current relationship is that I drive a good amount of the sales for them.  We will be spending time to better streamline our operations to leverage our strengths.  She will handle a lot of the day to day customer service operations for me while I spend time on growing the business through focusing on marketing, business development and sales. Better cooperation will allow for more possibilities.  We have actually been working together for five years and she knows the nature of the industry and the business very well.  Additionally this vendor will provide financial support for some of the activities.  I am looking forward to executing on this but need a good week to work together to better align on our goals.    Honestly I procrastinated on this as I was over analyzing the good and the bad.  Analysis paralysis Scott.. Time to execute on this and give this arrangement a shot!

We also live in an interesting time in which there is an abundance of technology,  resources and people  who have various skills who can support the company’s initiatives.  I plan to leverage these resources as well.  I have been spending a bunch of time on Fiverr and similar sites.

I have also made strides on a new website which will be a major step up!  The initial transfer of data has been really tedious.  

The past few weeks I have been balancing judgement of people who don’t keep their word with their occurring world.  For example each year while doing the ALP4 Legacy Project I always have a few moments when I get upset about a good number of fellow members who are totally checked out and do not contribute and/or connect with the group working to fulfill our commitment.  They even don’t reply to emails.  I sometimes take it personally and that is just not fair to them.  I have been doing my best to be sensitive and understand their potential occurring worlds.  I also get to look at my message and my relationship with each of them.  Honestly the same instance is occurring in PSP Life.  There are some members who have not been their word (at least in my eye) and I sometimes get annoyed as this inaction sometimes creates extra time and inconvenience for others.   I have been trying to balance my frustration and story that maybe I am micromanaging things or not being patient with being compassionate and holding myself and everyone high.     I also get to communicate expectations more clearly from the beginning. I also get to look at how I communicate.  I also get to watch my ego as well.

I saw this video today and I don’t think I am completely this but its food for thought.