Pushing Through.. Being in Action..

This week we had our first Group Meeting and we were all fortunate to meet in person.  It was so nice to connect as everyone was open and vulnerable, which made it extra special!   I spoke about the “Skinny Branch” in relation to meeting women and dating.  The members inquired further in what was the true intention of this goal  and it made me reflect on my dating pattern of being reactive.   I have gone out on dates and have had some relationships; however, most of them were initiated by women who either wrote me and/or were vulnerable to express their feelings to me.  There is nothing wrong with this point; however, the other issue is that there were cases in which I was not completely attracted to the women (mentally, physically) but extended the relationship to give it a try and/or for convenience.  I realized that I have not been proactive in initiating connnection with women who I am interested in.  This is particularly the case over the past year and related to  both in person and on apps.

I also believe that I have not been very social – not branching out as much as I can. This cycle, my desired way of being has a big focus on connection.  As I have highlighted before I have this desire to initate connection with people (mostly women) I see in my travels.  Additionally, I am initiating connection with the intention of  taking this  beyond the initial interaction.  I am also striving to be vulnerable.  I am not against meeting women via other ways such as through  the various apps I have downloaded.  However, I feel that meeting women through the way I describe above  will push me out of my comfort zone. Actually, prior to approaching women I catch myself reciting and connecting to my contract (I am a courageous, powerful, inspiring, loving man)..  This exercise is also reminding me to seize the opportunity of now and to stop  overanalyzing – something that I feel I have been doing too much of recently.

The week started out a little slow as I was in Connecticut for a good part of the week and did not create the chance to go out.  However, while I have been in NYC since Wednesday night I have been pushing to make connection even when there are times that I don’t want to.  I sometimes get in my head and think about the negative.  I am determined to get past the initial fear and go for it.

Yesterday afternoon I was working near Grand Central.  While passing through  the main area to get lunch,  I saw a cute girl taking pics within Grand Central Terminal,  near the clock, with a fancy camera.  I had to say hi… Actually I thought she was a professional photographer taking postcard or stock pics.  I went over and said, “hey, you look like a professional, what are these pics for”? We started talking and learned that Karina is from Russia and is here for a few weeks with friends.  We spoke for a little while longer and I expressed interest in meeting her again.  We exchanged phone numbers to communicate via Whatsapp.  Unfortunately, it looks like I inputted the number wrong.  I truly believe that she was sincere in meeting and/or at least communicating more.  I regret not confirming the number.

Last night while shopping at CVS  in the West Village I saw this girl really studying the various ice cream brands.  I was curious and went over to say hi –  “it looks like you are very curious about the ice cream”? It turns out Elisa is from Brazil and is studying here for several months.  She was looking for another brand of chocolate ice cream as she is a connoceur of this flavor.  I helped her find another brand.  We spoke for a little while and we exchanged phone numbers to connect via WhatsApp.

Today I decided to take a class at Crossfit Queens.  I am currently staying in the West Village so I had a long subway ride.  I saw this girl waiting for the train.  I thought she was cute and wanted to talk to her.  Honestly, I was a little shy.  Additionally, she had her headphones on and was really studying her phone.  We got on the same train and she rarely looked up and had her headphones on.  Despite this,  I really wanted to at least try to connect.  I ended up reaching out and asking if she knew someone (I made up a name) to start a conversation.  She was on her way to the airport to catch a flight to Miami.  We spoke for a bit but got the impression that she was not interested in talking.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.  No regrets.  I just wish I had said hi sooner and not think about it so much.

On the way back I saw another girl waiting for the train and wanted to talk to her.  For some reason I chickened out.  I then ran some errands in midtown east — got a haircut, etc.  After doing this, I got on the train to head toward Grand Central as I need a new pair of eye glasses.  I notice that there is a Warbey Parker in Grand Central.  While waiting for the train at 59th and Lex I saw a girl I wanted to talk to.  I was a little shy but finally said “excuse me I like your sports fasion style.” She was wearing cool gear.    She was focused in her own world and didnt hear me at first as it was a little noisy.  She was a bit surprised and maybe taken aback by me reaching out on the subway platform.  We talked briefly and she went back to looking at her phone.  Again, I only live once, so no regrets here.

Back to Grand Central… On the way to Warby Parker I saw a cute girl walking with a small suitcase.  I worked up the courage to approach her.  I said, “I am running errands but I  think you look really nice and wanted to say hi.”  I forgot her name but she is from South Africa living in Boston but here for the weekend.  She is waiting for her friend taking the shuttle from Laguardia Airport.  We talked for 3-4 minutes. There was a Grand Central terminal employee who was emptying the nearby garbage bin listening to our conversaton — I have to say that it made me a little self concious.    I mean I’m sure thats one of his responsibilities – to be vigilant.  Anyway, the girl signaled that she had to go. I asked if she would be up for coffee in the near future.  She was direct and said no.  I believe I would have been more engaging if I knew the guy wasnt listening (probably creating a story).  Again, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  I was happy to make her smile.

Okay, one more.  I am now at one of my hiding places in midtown West writing this blog post and answering some emails.  On the way here I saw another girl who I wanted to say hi to.  I liked her fashion style.  I had the sense that  she was in a rush but was not completly sure..  As she walked by me I said “hey excuse me, sorry to catch you if in a rush but do you know (I made up a name) ?  You look familiar!”  She stopped and said “no I dont.”  She was really friendly.  I then said- “hey, I have to say that I like your fashion style.”   She smiled and answered “thank you.  the one day I am dressed up.”  She was really nice and engaging but said “I am meeting a friend and have to go…sorry”   I told her to have a nice day..  I suppose that I could have been a little more persistent and asked for her number. No regrets again.

This exercise is an energy booster for me.  I am becoming comfortable  with connecting.   I believe that this is a muscle that gets to be stengthened.

During this cycle I committed to attend some new social events as well.  I have yet to do this but will keep you updated.  I figure if I can connect with strangers I will be more confident at strcutrued social /networking events.   I am comfortable at professional events but need to get back in shape at social events.

I have also considered circling back to 1 or 2 women who I met but created stories that it would not be good to be vulnerable.   I do not know their current relationship situation but thinking to reach out.  I need to get past the analysis paralysis and the stories.

I will continue to be in action.


The Obliger in Me

During the opening meeting I found the Gretchen Rubin Four Tendencies Quiz interesting.  My results indicate that I am an Obliger and slightly an Upholder.   I strongly resonated with the detailed report in that I am meeting my outer expectations.  I would not say that I resist inner expectations but tend to put outer expectations over inner expectations.  I tend to put priorities of my family, friends, business partners over my own (at least initially).

I am motivated by helping others and being a hero (this is my ego).  I also don’t like disappointing people (insecurity). I sometimes enter lose/win circumstances or this is my story as my intention is to make things easy for my family and friends. I  am definitely motivated by being viewed favorably and/or as a team player and not as a slacker.   I sometimes go too far in what I can offer. When I realize that I have gone too far I sometimes become resentful toward myself and to others. This is especially if I feel or create a story that I am being taken advantage of. I sometimes overextend myself and fall into “Obliger Rebellion”.  Basically, I overreact and usually have a brief volcanic eruption which causes more trouble and more stress for everyone.

What does this mean in relation to me?  One relatable example is having a car when many others don’t.  I find this funny as this does not come into play in most other parts of the country.  I have talked with everyone involved in this story and it was a good lesson for me.

This past summer I had the chance to go for a nice weekend on a lake with a bunch of good friends.  The hosts are amazing and very generous.  Taking into consideration luggage, etc.,  my car comfortably fits 2 more people including myself for a total of  3 people.  It’s possible to take one more.  As the weekend got closer others reached out and I really wanted to accomodate everyone. When the fourth person asked,  I hesitated but said yes.  We now had 5 people with luggage squeezing into my car.  Honestly my gut was saying its too much but the other side of my brain was saying this is all going to be an adventure and I want to make this fun for everyone.  I dont want to be a hindrence to this fun.

As we were preparing some thoughts were going through my head.   Is having 5 people driving up too much?  Is it safe?  Can I say no?  Will that affect anyone?  Would it be bad or cheap if I ask for gas money?   I am already going there right?  Or is it okay?    What time is good to go up and what time is good to leave?  I have no idea.   I just want to have a fun weekend.  I want everyone else to have a fun weekend too.  Cars are in short supply so why not?

Although this weekend was really great I got a little overwhelmed or honestly I let myself get overwhelmed by not communicating my honest feelings.   People had different ideas of when to leave; others wanted me to decide.    If I didnt have a car it would be so much easier I thought.  I had a volcanic eruption and just wanted to disconnect which did not serve myself and the others involved.  Some lessons I learned include:  Be in touch with my intuition.  Communicate what I am feeling in the moment.  Be empathetic to myself as this will allow me to be empathetic and communicative  to others as well.  Be comfortable and communicate my boundaries even if they develop as I move forward.   Don’t get so in my head and be comfortable to communicate.  The advantages of communicating (even if it seems difficult) are so much more beneficial than not.  The skinny branch…..

This carries over into some of my work relationships.   In the past when I began a new working relationship with someone I didnt always clearly communicate my expectations.  I sometimes didn’t always know what to expect particularly if a role is new.  I also worry as much (if not more) about making things work for my colleague to create a win-win.  As the role develops I learn about what works and what doesn’t.  What I didn’t do enough is to be comfortable or to create an environement for myself and the teammate(s) to communicate whats working and whats not working.  I would let my frustrations build up.

For example, we are on the tail end of creating a new website with a company that has a great team.  I am really looking forward to this being launched.  This took longer due to different priorities, and just getting content from various vendors with different formats, etc.   I didnt delegate this enough either.  Although I felt that I communicated things effectively there were things that got lost in the process.  This week I had a volcanic eruption because the designer was pushing me to get things done.  I on the other hand was resentful of this as there was a lot of miscommunication coming from him. I felt there were several extra steps mainly from this miscommunication. Coming from a place of responsibility I was just overwhelmed and should have communicated that to let him know where things were.   As the development ends and we continue to work together on maintenance and adding more products, etc. I plan to communicate my expectations (even if I dont know all of them) and schedule more frequent conference calls and meetings to discuss not only content but  also process and  whats working and what’s not.  This is the type of communication that  works for me even if its still a muscle I’m  stengthening.  I need to revisit lessons I learned earlier in my career Would you like some integrity with that resin. and be open to document, communicate and discuss the process more frequently.

I have a similar circumstance with another colleague who is based in the midwest.  We work very closely and speak often – at least once daily.  She is juggling a lot of different things but the areas that we agreed to working together need improvment.  Some of the goals and discussed roles were frankly too ambitious given the circumstance and my expectations.  I am a bit annoyed but get to discuss this before it gets to be too much.    I plan to schedule a meeting with her this week and tell her my thoughts and figure out the best solutions for going forward.

Actually my goal for this week is to have meetings with three colleagues CFO/Bookeeping company (Wednesday); Web Developer (late this week early next week depending on progress of last parts);  Midwest colleague (Tuesday) to discuss expectations and how best to communicate going forward.

The learning continues!









The Skinny Branch

Every cycle I seem to learn and/or catch onto new words that we “have done the work” folks say.  This cycle the “Skinny Branch” really stuck in my head.  After contemplating a few goals for Cycle 12 I decided to take on the following:  “Pursue the Skinny Branch in creating connection, relationships and dating.  Embracing the uncomfortable – Life begins at the end of my comfort zone.”  I believe that the big thing for me is in dating but stretches to other relationships as well.  

Over the past year I have not been proactive in dating. I have gone on dates but I have not really put myself out there and as a result I have not been “Excited” about the dating relationships that I have had.

I feel that I got carried away in downloading  dating apps e.g. Tinder, Hinge, JSwipe, Happn, etc.  Despite having all of these apps, I have not done much with them as I get lost and lose inspiration.   Over the past year I ended up dating people who I had already tried dating once before.   We would reconnect to only get the same result.   Connecting and dating was mostly reactionary – I went on dates because someone contacted me and/or it was comfortable. This has not completely served me.   I have dragged out relationships longer in hopes that I would get excited about the relationship.

I want to have fun in connecting and meeting new women and not over-analyze things.  Some cycles back I created a detailed list of what I am looking for in a significant other.  Another cycle I also did some exercises related to trusting my intuition. I will integrate these lesson into my goal.

Back to the skinny branch, I want to connect with women in the real world (in real life) and to take risks.  For example, if I see someone I would like to speak to in my travels I will take the chance to introduce myself.  Although I am capable of doing this I sometimes create excuses to not go for it (I get shy and create stories). I believe that PSP Life will really support me with feedback and  will not allow me to hide and/or make excuses. I am also going to attend more events with the intention of taking more risks in connecting. The focus is on the skinny branch.

Some fellow PSP Lifers have pointed out that this may not be a stretch in that I am capable  of being assertive in getting others to say Happy Birthday greetings, etc.  I am also one of the “braver” of my male friends and find myself usually making the initial contact  with someone or with a group of people.  I even got my friend married via approaching a group of women at a bar as he was too shy to do so.  One of the girls really liked my friend and they started talking. The rest is history.  What I am getting at is that I dont get on the “skinny branch” enough to serve me.

Let’s get to the point.  This past Wednesday night I was in a nice town in Connecticut after a meeting.  I first went to Whole Foods to get some groceries/snacks for the week.  While walking through the aisles I saw a girl I found attractive.  I worked up the courage and went over to intorduce myself and told her that I liked her fashion style.  She was a bit surprised.  I introduced myself and we briefly spoke.  She did not seem into talking but thanked me for the compliment.   I moved on and was happy I made the contact.

While walking through the downtown area of this city I saw an attractive girl sitting on a bench reading a book.  She didnt seem very deep in thought.   I went over and said hello and told her that I thought that she looks really nice and I would regret not coming over to say hello.  I noted that I am aware that this is completely random.    The girl, named Marie  smiled and we talked for some time.  Marie is visiting from Montreal.  I talked a bit about Montreal and asked her a few more questions.  She was really nice. I then asked Marie if she would be open to meet again during her short visit.  The nice Canadian girl said she had just broken up with someone and wanted to be alone right now.  She seemed upset about what had happened with in her previous relationship.  We talked for a little while longer and I offered to connect on Facebook but she was not really into it.  I then told Marie that I was satisfied with the opportunity to have made her smile.  I then moved on.

I enjoyed both interactions and was energized despite not getting a phone number.  I enjoyed the connection as well as making both ladies smile..

On my way to the car I saw another girl walking her dog.  I approached this woman and asked her about the dog.  We talked for a bit and felt the conversation was going well as we had a lot in common.  Unfortunately we could not talk more as her mother and aunt were coming back over to meet Ms. Dog Walker, I didnt drum up the courage to say — “hey I know you cant talk now but I enjoyed meeting you and would have like to have the chance to  talk to you more.”  I believe that this quick wit courage will come with time.

I share these stories as it allows me to be vulnearble with you, PSPLife.  I usually shy away from going all in on the vulnerability side and this is a way for me to do so.

My second goal is to embrace my Obliger Tendency.  I like being an obliger but I do have moments when I reach Obliger Rebellion.   I am going to speak about this in a separate post.







Would you like some integrity with that Low Temperature Fixation Resin? (低温定着樹脂)

I am your integrity captain for this cycle  and looking forward to beginning our journey!  Recently, I passed by an old workplace  and I was reminded of a lesson in integrity that I learned 20 years ago. Wow! Time really flies by!


To give you a brief background, as many of you know, most of  my career involved working with Japan based companies doing business in North and South America.  This job I’m referencing involved working mainly in sales / marketing for a specialty chemicals company.  I represented the division that manufactured intermediates  that are used in making the next generation toners and inks for companies like Xerox, Lexmark, Konica, Minolta and even the old Kodak.    Projects would take 1-2 years and involved the exchange of a lot of technical information, samples, pricing, etc.  I never knew that viscosity could be so important.    All of the research and development was in Japan so my role was to be the main point of contact between the technical and business teams for both the customer and the various teams in Japan.  I really learned a lot and quickly experienced that communication is essential.

To make a long story short, after about six months on the job I had the chance to visit the various facilities and  teams I worked with in Japan.  To my surprise, many of the people in Japan didn’t like my boss very much.     They were quite harsh in their comments about him.  I knew that there would be politics but I was quite surprised.

Basically after many meetings and interactions I was able to understand what the main reason was for their complaint/dislike.  Yes, there was the typical politics but it really came down to one thing– a lack of effective communication.  The information was not communicated as they wanted.  I also realized that I was not communicating with everyone as well.  We were just communicating facts when we learned new information and/or at milestones.  We were only communicating  the successes at times when we were proceeding.

On the last night there was a big party at one of the factories I visited and a develoment chemist, over alcohol, explained to me what the teams in Japan expected.  They wanted to understand the US market.  They wanted to understand more than just the technical and business issues, they wanted the essence.  My colleague stationed at this facilitiy in Japan communicated it like this, “Look, the US market is newer to us and we want to do the right things. More importantly we want to know you; we want to know how you work; we want to know what you are struggling with; what you are successful with; what’s working; what’s not?  We want to support you and the only way we are going to succeed in doing this is communicating often status, process, etc.  We want to know you Scott.  Despite having a lot of resources in Japan this is the area that causes us to fail even in the domestic market.  Just because you were not successful in getting certain information and/or the project has not proceeded per our expectations doesnt mean that you are not successful.  We would like to know.  We would like to plan, adjust and strategize accordingly.”  From that point forward I changed, I got it!  The essence, the process and the status of what I was doing was as important.  I learned that it was also important to document. Relationships like this take work and are extremely imporatnt.   Communication does not always have to be email– actually a new communication tool at that time; phone calls, faxes, were also quite effective and imporant in conveying the essence.  Social Media wasnt even a thought.  I tried to mix up the various forms of communication with the goal of building a strong rapport.

So why am I sharing this?  I view PSP Life in the same way.  The more we share and communicate,  the more we connect and learn.  I will be in contact with everyone during the cycle and yes I will be giving it my all to protect integrity.  A big part of integrity to me is to communicate your essence on the blog, with your buddy and small team.  Look, we all have breakdowns and things may not go as planned and it’s as important to communicate that.  I believe documenting and communicating the process is as important.

I am definitely not in this role to make anyone wrong.  I am here to conect and to hold everyone high.

I also encourage you to reply to me and/or others at least with status in a prompt manner even if its brief in an effort to make PSP Life an efficient and complementary component of our lives.

Looking forward to a great cycle!  I am Cycle 12!


Is it that time..

I was looking at the WordPress Stats and this is my 42nd Post.  I was fortunate to  join PSPLife  when 2016 was young and have continued on since then.   I believe that I have become much more comfortable with writing blog posts.

On a Sunday evening in August the Planning Committee had a conference call to plan  Cycle 11.  It was a beautiful evening and I recall being outside on the call speaking with

I made progress with my Time Management Goal.  I got into the habit of Listing everything out and planning in advance.  I have become more conscious of this and continue to improve on a system that works for me.  I am also doing better at noting how long it takes me to do certain things so that I can plan better.  I am also documenting my steps as well so that I can better delegate tasks to others.  I have some risk aversion for things that require me to reach out for support.  I am doing better at  getting past my pride of being afraid to fail particularly in reaching out for support and/or relying on others.  I am improving in this area and realizing that doing / risking is much more beneficial than not doing anything.  What I didn’t do enough of this cycle is take advantage of the accountability components that are available in this group.  For example, my buddy had offered me support and I really didn’t take advantage of her accountability till the end of the cycle.  For example she encouraged me to email, text my planned day the night before.  BRANDYMARIE1 would check in with me and ask questions including: If I had planned in advance?  What I am trying to achieve on a particular day or week?  This is where I get to improve.  I believe that accountability is available in this group for anyone who asks for it.  I get to embrace accountability on all levels even when it sometimes feel uncomfortable.

My biggest obstacle is myself.   I sometimes don’t  get out of my own way  and spend too much time on things that take away from me focusing on my strengths.  This is all the reason that I get to continue to create systems and delegate things so I can focus on what I do the best.

In my PSP for this Cycle I included the following:

My vision for the world: Connect and bring people together from different places, cultures, and values to foster better understanding with the goal of instilling love and peace.  I truly enjoy communicating and connecting with people. 

During this cycle I had at least three reminders that its essential for me to do what this vision says.

In late October, I had a surprise meeting with an old colleague/mentor who I used to work with, we will call him Mr. Kata.  He is one of the product managers for a product that I helped develop in North America.  We used to travel a lot together and would speak almost every day.   I really respect him a lot but unfortunately I had not connected with him for some time.  He was  traveling in the United States and came to New York.  I got a sudden call from one of my old colleagues in New York  and she asked if I would  be up for meeting everyone for a drink as Mr. Kata has not stopped talking about me for the entire trip.  I was lucky to be free and was able to meet them.  It was so nice to see Mr. Kata and was super flattered that he made time for me.

In November I spent a week at a tradeshow and traveling the area with a Japan based vendor in which we have a strong working relationship developed through years of building trust, rapport, and connection. This has kept us together despite me not having as much technical understanding of his products compared to other distributors in North America.   I know that he and his company like me but I know that he is expecting more.  Another incentive to manage my time more effectively though delegating so I can do more to grow his business.

Recently, a friend who runs a company that caters to the battery and electronic materials industries  reached out to me for support.  Like myself he works with a bunch of overseas companies.  He is working with a new Japan based vendor and did not feel comfortable as the vendor did not speak a lot of English and my friend does not speak Japanese.  My presence was helpful as this initial meeting helped my friend establish better credibility with this new vendor.  I am flattered that my friend is comfortable with me to reach out like this.

Some of you may recall that I was a best man in a wedding for an old colleague / friend who is originally from China. The wedding was held in Wuxi China.  As a result I ended up giving a speech to 500+ people.  I had prepared to do so with little guidance.  I don’t think that my friend knew what was planned.  I ended up changing my speech at the last minute to match the setting and context.  Anyway in October my friend sent me a link and said that I was the greatest “Best Man” one can have. I am in the video in a few places but my speech is at around 1:50.  The sad part is I almost didn’t attend because I had stories that I did not have enough time to go.   I definitely shifted and thought abundantly and it turned out to be a very memorable trip.


I get to remember that there are 1440 minutes in a day and I get to use them wisely.

My second goal is to become more flexible as in stretching more.  I committed to even going to Yoga once per week.  Although I continued to follow my exercise regimen via attending gym classes, I did not attend any yoga classes.  I usually stretched more after every class I took and became aware of what I need to work on.  My range of motion has improved and I feel that I have been loosening up more quickly than before.  I believe Yoga will be helpful and aim to take advantage of classes. For example some of the gyms I attend offer Yoga as an option.  I avoided accountability on this a too  as  RIANNA BUTTERFLY  who is in my small group offered me options to go with her.  even invited me to attend a class with her if I visited.

Thank you everyone for a great cycle!  Looking forward to tomorrow’s meeting to celebrate everyone.




Doing the Uncomfortable brings me Energy


Initially, I did not have the desire to write this post.  Maybe I had too much energy as I could not concentrate.  As a result I decided to create a video post.  After it was completed I decided to write my thoughts as well as I seemed very clear and energized about what I wanted to write. It’s amazing how stretching a bit changes my level of energy and focus.  Later I looked at the video and found it to be too long and lacking energy.  As a result, I did it again.  Yes, being focused on perfection is a hindrance to time management but I couldn’t resist in this case.    I have provided a link to the video.  I have also written about the points that I speak about.  In 2017 we get to cater to the various media preferences of our audience.  If you are multi-tasking the video may be more conducive to your objectives.  I am looking out for your time everyone.  Love you All!

Video Post

As I work toward my goals of time management I continue to listen and read different resources. As noted last week I am reading 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management.   I find reading and listening to various resources while working toward my goals helps to keep me in Action and on point.  The book talks about some things that I have already been doing.

Planning:  I have been doing my best to plan the night before using Lists, etc.  As noted before I have been using To Do List based on  Getting Things Done.  It is not perfect but continue to add tasks and review it accordingly.  This book talks about using the Calendar more.  I have been using both and finding a system that works for me.

Routine:  I am pretty good at waking up in the morning and getting to the gym.  I find that going to the gym is more beneficial than choosing not to go.  Sometimes I am tempted to not go as I create the story that I will get a head start and workout later.  9 times out of 10 this idea does not work for me.  I get to work on the routine of getting from the gym and started at work.  I sometimes get lost along the way and don’t start work at the time I need to.

Meditation and Affirmations:  I believe that this is important for me to add to my routine.  In a previous cycle I made it a point to mediate and I really get to make time.  More importantly I get to be more disciplined on asking what I want to create on that day and link things to my overall goals.  HKWeiss and KJG778 talk about their visions, Poker Hand and why we do things.  I believe that this gets to be tied to my time management.  This is all connected.

Intuition/Energy:   I get to listen to what my mind and body is telling me and what I know needs to get done. For example, I knew that this blog post needed to get done at some point.  In the morning I started writing this and realized that I didn’t feel like writing.  I decided to do a video as this was more of a stretch for me.  I ended up doing a video which also gave me the adrenaline to write as well.  I also know that its better for me to do things that require my concentration earlier in the morning as I lose steam later in the afternoon/evening.  I get to look at what’s important and needs my undivided attention and energy.

Focus:  I get to work on small deadlines for certain tasks.  There is something called  Pomodoro Timer that has us breakdown task and giving small deadlines and then take 5 or 10 minute breaks.  I get to also block out other distractions during this time.

Distractions:   I have realized that the phone is a distraction.  For example I don’t silent my phone enough.  Do any of you silence your phone or have strategies to block out distractions?  I have also heard that its good to not check your email in the morning and focus on important tasks.

Do any of you have suggestions or strategies?





WordPress Features Webinar

I have realized that some of you are not familiar with the WordPress feature to receive email notifications when other members post comments to the blog.  Here is a short tutorial with screenshare on how to do this.  Thank you Hadar for showing me how to do this.

I hope that this helps some of you to gain access to the site as well as commenting, etc.

Please note that private posts will not be sent to the email.

WordPress Webinar Screenshare

The general feature is to go


Login using username and password

Go to the top blue bar and click on Reader

On the left you will see Followed Sites

Click on Manage  next to Followed Sites.

Then click  Follow that is to the right of PSPLife.  You will then have Settings on the bottom of that.  You can then manage how often you want to receive notifications as well as if you want to receive comments.

Please do let me know if you have any questions.