VT: Done but not over

So this cycle is over. What have I accomplished?

A small amount of traction on my future aspirations. 

A little bit of work on my website. I got paid to speak. I applied for a speaking gig. I minimized my time on social media- deleted Instagram off my phone. Had a very informational interview. Dipped my toe into grad school research.

There was a lot that I didn’t do. But woulda,  coulda, shoulda- I am not going to beat myself up about that. 

I choose celebration.

Until next time loves.


VT: I am hella excited right now

So I think I found my thing. The way I get to make public speaking my thing. The way I get to share my skill set with the world.

At first I was thinking grad school – which still might happen. But then I stumbled across this woman on CreativeLive called Vanessa van Edwards. And it seems that she made a living off of teaching people about body language and she is not a doctor. She built her business on pure charisma and inquisitiveness. And now she’s offering a teacher training on how to train in the methodology she created. And it’s sort of crazy I feel like pieces are coming together. And she hasn’t released pricing for her class yet I imagine it’ll be a couple of thousands of dollars. But it seems like a smart way to get some training under my belt or at least a place that start. I am incredibly thrilled that this exists and it gives me an idea where I can go. I’ve always been told that I’m really good with people and then I’m a great public speaker and this model- this business – she built for herself around how to have impactful social interactions is so impressive and replicable.

So I think I’m going to give it a go. Because again, this is in the vein of what I want to do with my life. I want to train people and how to give better presentations how to make lasting impressions and all that good stuff. So let’s see how it goes!

P.s. I wrote this entire blog entry with the voice to text function on my phone. So it may be an incredibly easy way for people who are not necessarily interested in typing all the thoughts and would rather just speak but don’t want to be videoed. This is the method for you. I wish I could record a video to show you what my phone is doing – its literally writing down everything I’m saying for me so yeah this is great technology is awesome. Love figuring out different ways to make my life easier man. Hahaha. It also even wrote the hahaha for me all I had to do is go hahaha. You can’t make this stuff up.

VT: Rounding the bend

I just came home from Atlanta from the last conference of the year. And man, does it feel good. I am feeling a lot less frantic as the year is winding down.

Less stressed at work. I now staunchly believe that I’ve done a good job and have positively impacted the organization. I feel like my compensation conversation with my boss went well and that I’ll be even more financially secure in the new year.

Less stressed in my relationship. I’m settling into love. I was being a bit sabotage-y in the beginning. Being hyper critical and questioning all of my and  his actions. Not helpful. I read some helpful information on what generates criticism. Typically it’s a way to deflect something going on within and it’s oft said that we criticize what we see in our own selves. I was also blaming him for a lifestyle choices that I made. No one put a gun to my head and said “You must spend and eat more than you should. And sleep- nah you don’t need that.” This morning, even though I stayed at his place – I got up early. Did my priming (shout out to Empress!), ate breakfast- it was great. Nothing was stopping me before except for me and my excuses disguised as blaming someone else. So yeah- no more of that. I still get to do me and flourish. And he wants me to. He was thrilled when I told him about my plans for my morning routine. “Oh yeah, absolutely babe” were his words.

Getting re-energized in my goals. Making small progress. Working and talking about my website and future plans. Dreaming big again. It’s pretty awesome.

I made my mini list for my desire to  be an org psyc consultant. I even purchased an online course about how to start your own consultancy. I am also working on my personal website. Deleted the Instagram app off of my phone. Started reading articles on my pocket app instead. Got ClassPass, started working out again. So yeah- it’s happening.

It’s all going. I just gotta keep plugging along.

VT: Rev’ing back up

I don’t know what it is about today. Maybe it was the weather, but I am feeling myself get back in the game.

Here’s what I said would do by Nov 6 for my goal #1:

  • Create a list of requirements to become an org psychology consultant.
  • Write down the 1st action step to acquiring each of the required traits.

Have I done that? …nope. Will I? Yes!

And I commit to having it done by Friday of this week.

I just finished up talking to my dad and having my buddy call tonight and it’s really put into perspective what I get to do next.

Set priorities and boundaries. Get into massive action. All the stuff that we know, but have to constantly reminder ourselves to do.

(I also declared that I will be Debt and Financially Free by 33 (and earning 6 figures). And I like the feel of that big audacious goal.)

Feeling re-energized and it’s helpful that it’s getting colder so that I can focus on getting things done versus fun warm weather distractions.


Love you all!


VT: Slowly but surely

This post will be short and sweet.

Goal 1: Grad School

  • Attended the NYU Grad School Fair and got info on the different schools
  • Began to tell people at large that I am looking into Grad School (speak it into existence!)
  • Had an informational interview with Tania (the woman’s who’s life inspired this change for me) –> sent her team surprise donuts and coffee
    • She had amazing insights to share that will definitely inform my extracurriculars moving forward

Goal 2: Being intentional and present

  • Going well. I haven’t been on Instagram in over a week and dare I say it feels hella good. All I did was log out of the app on my phone and it’s been super easy to maintain. I don’t go on Facebook as much either. I am filling my time with other things. It also helps that life is a bit on the busy end these days. But it’s all good “problems.”
  • I made dinner for my friend Alanna in my new apt which made me really happy and is super encouraging to do it more often. (Dinner party series is on the waaaay.)
  • Started exercising and meditating again which is great and definitely helpful with my anxiety.

Going to Mexico on Friday! So see you all soon!



VT: Taking Stock

I am up to a lot.

When I had a bit of a meltdown last Thursday- I was finally done with 4 major events for work and I think I just felt all the anxiety that I didn’t allow myself to feel while I was working on these events- I had this sensation of just I dunno how to even explain it.

But I took stock today and it’s like damn bitch, no wonder lol. In the past month I –

  • Moved apts
  • Helped plan out this cycle and took on integrity buddy (it’s NOT easy guys)
  • Executed 4 major events for work. One of which was an idea that I came up with from scratch. One of which required me to speak at two 75 min breakout sessions
  • Got more serious with my boo (which entails two impending out of country trips)

So yeah,  a fair amount (and that doesn’t count all the other “smaller” things I’m up to).

I did reach out to the LifeLabs lady who basically has the exact job I seemingly want. Radio silence so far. Got to make a second pass at that.

I signed up for an NYU grad open house next week which I am excited about.

And for the mindful and present concentration goal – it’s a work in progress. I logged out of Instagram, so when I hit the button for my image fix, all I see is a login screen. Brilliant deterrent for me honestly. I have a book on me all the time now. I discovered “Do Not Disturb” on my phone. I’ve reinvigorated my meditation (albeit working on making it more consistent). And the big one: I have started exercising again and in the only like 3 days since I started and there’s such a HUGE shift in my anxiety levels and ability to concentrate. Go figure- but like also so obvious.

So today I am giving myself a high five. Because I deserve it damn it.

VT: 50% of your life is contrast

Listening to the Life Coach school podcast with Brooke Castillo. She said something that I loved was that “Life is designed to be 50% negative. Without that contrast,  there is no positive.” Love it. Anyway,  food for thought. 

Goal 1: Starting the journey Org Psyc Consultant

I emailed the founder of LifeLabs. I also will be chatting with Naomi and Elaine (yay!). Also on my list for this weekend is to research schools. 

Goal 2: Being present and intentional about how I spend my time

Definitely way less time on Facebook, but I need to delete my Instagram. It is the one addiction that I have and I get to assume control over it. It’s a quick fix and an intentional distraction for me and it doesn’t serve me. It’s no wonder why my attention and focus is so fractured.

Also, I get to decide how I am going to celebrate my birthday. I have begun to develop anxiety over making plans. I think it’s generated from not having a calm mind with, again, clear desires. 

I am coming to realize more and more that this cycle for me is all about creating clarity. And as scary as it is to say “I am going to do X” and sticking to it no matter what is – it’s also really freaking powerful.