Beautiful out there…

Got in my short run. Oh boy it’s been a while. 

Tundama, how did it go for you?img_8342


Felt good today

As many of you had suggested, so much nicer running with a buddy!

A friend joined me for the first 6 miles and Naomi surprised me by finding me during my last half-mile!

Also, so much more pleasant in this weather – shorts and t-shirt weather!!!

What are all y’all up to today?

Oh boy it’s cold out

Glad I waited to run outdoors today instead of yesterday…while it was cold, I was pretty warm in my layers. 

I’m not sure if I served myself yesterday by going for a short run indoors. While I hadn’t run in a few days and needed some miles in the bank, I struggled to finish 8 miles today (as evidenced by my positive time splits, i.e., slower miles as I kept going) when I’d planned on 10.

In any event, a run is a run and feeling good now (a bit hungry too!) – while weight loss was only supposed to be a side benefit, as of this minute -post-run- I’m down about 15 pounds: #win. 

6 weeks to go…

The half-marathon is getting closer and so my long run is building up – this week over 9 miles. 

I’m still behind a bit from my stomach bug a couple weeks back, but thankfully that’s passes and I’m back on track. 

More importantly, PSPLife is starting up again and excited to see what we all create!

GS Post #2: Week 4

It’s already week 4 and I’ve only generated two posts. Where else does that show up in my life?!😁

I committed to writing a post at midnight tonight but it won’t be a full entry since I’m on my cell phone. I really wanted to renegotiate but I needed to be in integrity with my promise.

Keeping up with my entry on Monday would bring me to the reality that I need to make shit happen this week. I didn’t even go to my therapist this afternoon because of my self-sabotage behavior (going to sleep late).

However, I’m grateful for the following:
– Finally connecting with my buddy Eliane. I shared how I felt abandoned in our buddy relationship, especially since she is definitely my mirror. Regardless, we connected over the phone and I want to keep the momentum going.
– Achieving over $500 in facial services and $700 in product sales this week! I declared $750 in services and $1000 in products by Saturday, so I’m definitely on track. My boss has been impressed by my performance.
– Building more connection with my boyfriend. Love is not just a feeling but what we do for each other. He paid off his portion of the vacation and I am also on track in the next two weeks.
– I put down my deposit for the Dermalogica conference in August! I let go of all the times I could have saved my tip money and just moved forward with the money I have now. I will pay off the trip as soon as I come back from vacation in May.

I read a post on Virginia Lugo’s FB that the world doesn’t owe us anything, but rather we should give first what we want in life. It resonates with me because I want so much for myself but how can I be in contribution to others? I was so wrapped up in Eliane not being in touch with me, but who was I reaching out to? So now I get to shift and transform that conversation.

Thanks for reading!!

Naomi: Remembering to write my name. It’s the little things.

It’s been a busy but energizing week. I’m most excited about moving forward with my goal #2 – enrolling the people in my life into their greatest possibilities. Specifically, we hosted a coffee this week and despite my resistance and procrastination and general discomfort with it, it went off and it was actually pretty magical.

I had to shift my mindset a few days before to put myself out there and invite several more people since I had none committed. I chose a friend from my PSP even though I had tons of stories in my head about why she wouldn’t want to be there. She agreed to come, and it was awesome – she opened up through the course of the conversation and started talking about her future in a different way. She shared that once I shared with the group she felt more open and connected. By the end of the night she was ready to register but had a work conflict – at the job that she’s actively trying to leave. Let’s just say I took the opportunity to coach, and we’re working her toward it.

The other two guests walked away with a tremendous amount too and I believe at least one will definitely register. I’m feeling more connected to the need to be in contribution and to let go of the discomfort I’m feeling – because it’s me, not them.

So that was the big one. Otherwise, here’s what I did from my goals for the week:

• Had a great ‘me’ day on Sunday, relaxing, organizing, grocery shopping, drinking coffee. I felt calm and at peace.

• Threw a birthday party for a friend, who was touched moved and inspired by it

• Hosted an awesome game night party where friends stayed until 2 am. Paulina wasn’t able to make it but we made a date for next week!

• Had authentic time and conversation with Hadar with some breakthroughs!!

• Downloaded/started using daily a family planning app

• Set up a new system to plan my outfits for the week, which freed my morning up and gave me more calm each day

• Curled my hair…need to try again 🙂

• Didn’t read Overworked…felt like it would be negative in that moment.

Met my goals.

My goals for the coming week:

• Didn’t get tickets to Broadway week…find another way to buy tiks to a show for this season!

• Go to the gym once

• Write one thought leadership article on the plane

• Date night with Hadar Sat night before my trip

• Enroll Chicago fellows into global PresenTense family! (need to figure out how that’s measurable)

• Reconnect with Wendy in Chicago and Paulina in NYC

• Give myself one morning ‘retreat’ in Chicago for working or relaxing

• Start LPr of the week on Sunday if consensus

• Support ALP8 communications captains with structure

Bring on the week!!